Women Rising Retreat

Important Announcement

Dear You,
On March 30th, the management team at Planet Organic gave Notice of Administration. This was a complete surprise to us. Since then, Renée directed all her energies into rescuing Planet Organic. By an amazing twist of fate, Renée and her husband Brian bought back the company on April 25th and now have the huge task of getting this amazing business back on track. Julia is also working at Planet again on Team Training. Running Planet is taking all our energies to the point where we have decided that the best way forwards is to cancel the retreat for this year.
We were so excited about this Women Rising Retreat and sad to let go of it, but we look forward to reaching out to you with our next retreat. We’ll be in touch.

We are delighted to offer our first retreat in June 2023.

This is a gathering of women to nourish, fulfill and belong. It is a place for you to rest, restore, rejuvenate and rejoice!

This retreat is for any woman who wants to create time to come back to herself – to revitalise and reconnect. During the four-day reset, we will explore our core values of nurture, fulfillment and belonging. We believe these foundational necessities require time and energy to be set aside – away from the demands of our busy lives and our habitual ways of travelling through each day.

We all need to be nourished.

We all desire fulfillment.

We all want to belong.

This gathering is a place to give care and attention to these heartfelt intentions. Taking them out of imagination into reality.



We have chosen this stunning venue, in the beautiful Devon countryside, because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, undisturbed by distractions, where technology is minimal, enabling us to focus more on ourselves and nature.


You can choose to have a room to yourself or share.

£1350 to share and £1500 single occupancy.


From: Monday 5th June at 2pm

To: Thursday 8th June at 3pm


The retreat offers the following:

  • stillness
  • learning
  • rest and relaxation
  • movement
  • calming your nervous system
  • sharing meals
  • time in nature
  • meditation 
  • free time
  • tech-free opportunity
  • glee & cake 

The content falls into four main categories:


Julia will bring her unique approach to the body to create a space of deep relaxation and reconnection. A place where you can greet yourself – body, heart and soul.

Our bodies are amazing and when we embrace that fact, we feel so much better in our skin, more fully ourselves and more able to be present in life.

In the absence of being nourished – deeply and fully – we cannot even begin this quest.  It is fundamental. To nourish means ‘to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition’. We believe health is not merely the absence of illness, it is about thriving.  We do not merely want to be in ‘good condition’, we want to go beyond what we thought was possible.

To nourish is holistic – incorporating all pillars of life.

Women typically place nurturing themselves fairly low on the list of priorities – so often putting others first and leaving themselves depleted. We provide a space to explore this issue, whilst offering practical tools to nourish ourselves in daily life.

We women have work to do, and it serves us to pay attention to our food, our bodies, our daily routines. We begin by creating a resilient and sustainable place within, and then expand out from there to the private and public spaces we inhabit. To be a resource for others, we first must nourish ourselves.

We will explore:

  • embodied self care
  • nurturing inside and out
  • loving and accepting your body
  • the futility of comparison
  • learning to calm stress
  • ageing gracefully, whenever
  • forgiveness
  • cherishing yourself

Daphne Lambert, our chef, will provide us with the most amazing organic, seasonal food to nourish, sustain and energise us. She caters for allergies and intolerances.


Renée will support you to create the foundations of fulfillment – in order to live your life as you truly desire.

This life is an incredible gift to discover and live our purpose.  Living a life of fulfillment means expressing ourselves and our talents in the world, whether you’re an employee, raising a family, building a lifestyle business or an empire.  We delve into what this means for each of us along with how we can free ourselves to live our dreams with confidence and self-belief.

We believe that anything is possible, but what holds us back is our thoughts.  Anyone can dismantle negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour.  We delve into brain science to understand what holds us back and provide tools for you to move forward with confidence.

Knowing yourself and learning to manage yourself with awareness enables you to embrace life with more ease, calm and power.  We explore trusting yourself, which empowers you to live with personal sovereignty and purpose.

We will explore:

  • self-awareness
  • knowing yourself
  • following your purpose
  • trusting yourself
  • handling thoughts and beliefs
  • being enough
  • managing suffering
  • knowing everything is perfect


We define belonging as feeling comfortable in your skin – all the time.  Then you know you belong – wherever you are.  

We believe that it is vital to create the sense of belonging within yourself first – regardless of anything else going on around you.  From that place, you can make meaningful connections that support, strengthen and lift you.  This, in turn, empowers you to be in the world, as your True Self, living your purpose and passion. 

At times when you might feel alone, you will know that you belong and you are connected to a larger group of like-minded women.

We are creating a growing community to consolidate trust, safety and unity, and expand that exponentially into the world.  We’ll gather together at touch points through the year to reconnect, rejuvenate and celebrate.  When we disperse, that connection remains.

We will explore:

  • how to foster the knowing that you belong
  • gratitude and connection
  • imposter syndrome
  • relationships and communication
  • building community
  • the planet
  • celebration


To rise is an ascent, an elevation. When we are truly nourished, fulfilled and belong – then we have a strong foundation to rise.  

In Women Rising, we lift each other up; celebrate and support each other to grow.  This is fundamental to our culture and our purpose. 


  • connection
  • tools for self care
  • new habits
  • empowerment
  • belonging to a supportive community
  • transformation
  • rejuvenation

Why Renée and Julia?

* We each have 30 years of personal development learning and commitment.

* We have gained a range of knowledge and a wealth of information from studying varied schools of thought individually and together.

* We have extensive experience of working with people individually and in groups.

* Renée brings a thoughtful approach to challenges around work, purpose and relationships.

* Julia brings a refreshing and novel practice to the body and wellbeing – a combination of a practical and heart-led approach.

* The retreat is unique in its foundational approach: nourish, fulfill and belong. 

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