About us

Who we are

We are best friends. We have journeyed through life together for the past 30+ years and supported each other through births, deaths, relationships, motherhood, step-parenting, businesses and more.

Our lives have been closely intertwined throughout the years, and now we are excited to work together in Women Tree. The call to create this has arisen from deep within our hearts and souls, from the small still voice…

Renée Elliott

I have listened to my heart and pursued my purpose since I opened Planet Organic in 1995.  As a small-town American girl who tackled the British supermarkets, I set out to change food retailing in the UK and bring organic into the mainstream. 

The belief in myself came through love from my mom, faith from my dad, getting to know myself through my twenties and a journey of personal discovery.  This gave me the confidence to open Planet Organic.  The idea came from a realisation about wellbeing that crystallised for me when I was 19 years old.  I see wellbeing across seven pillars of life, but started with wellbeing through food, which I saw as foundational.

I believe that anything is possible and that each of us has everything inside that we need.  Trust – of Self, others and the unfolding of life – is a core belief.

I co-founded a second business in 2017 called Beluga Bean, through which I mentor values-led entrepreneurs on business strategy plus personal discovery.  I run my business course, BOSS – Business Owners Support & Strategy, to build or rebuild the strategic plan while building confidence so the entrepreneur can execute it.  The journey is the external result supported by the internal work.

I also run my self-awareness and wellbeing programme called BeYourSelf, a year-long programme of support and transformational development.  I empower individuals to know themselves, be themselves and manage themselves, embedding a unique method for maintaining wellbeing across all aspects of life.  I deliver this programme to teenagers, individuals/entrepreneurs and couples.

I am also a global coach for Unreasonable Group, am on Seven Hills Advisory Board for purpose-led entrepreneurs, am an international inspirational speaker and have received awards such as Businesswoman of the Year, Britain’s 100 Most Entrepreneurial Women and London’s 1000 Most Influential People.

Julia Davies

I am the founder of Bright Body, a Health & Wellbeing Coaching company, with a speciality in the unique and challenging journeys we all have with food and our bodies. Health and wellbeing has been my passion for many, many years, so combining my backgrounds in psychology, theatre, coaching and facilitation with that passion has given birth to Bright Body.

I believe that we are all integrated and multi-faceted beings and if one of our parts is struggling, it will affect our entire wellbeing. My work with Bright Body creates a more harmonious and peaceful merging of all those elements. Our bodies are amazing and when we embrace that fact, we feel so much better in our being, more fully ourselves and more able to be present in life. I’m on a mission to support people to be happy in their own skin.

I believe that our bodies are our greatest teachers. Becoming fully present and learning to listen, we can create a happy relationship with our bodies, which deepens and expands who we are as human beings.  The challenges of physical changes through life, the stresses of our lives and ill health can be confronting.  If we can navigate with grace and compassion, we will grow and enrich our lives in unimaginable ways.

In the busyness of everyday life, it can be difficult to give your body the attention it needs, but it is crucial for wellbeing and happiness.  In my practice, I am a sounding board, a support system and a resource, for you to discover your own wisdom and solutions for the challenges that life sends your way.

When we live in harmony with our bodies, our lives become balanced, sweeter, peaceful and joyful.  The rich landscape of our internal physical world can be a great source of delight and wonder.