Our Foundations

At Women Tree, we have spent our lives seeking answers and tools to enrich us and to evolve.

We consider what we, as women, need to navigate the complexities of life, relationships, work, business, womanhood and more. have participated in courses, meditated, explored different schools of thought and spirituality. We have experimented, chanted, soul-searched, danced and sung.

We have led lives driven by our guts and hearts. Our work has been led by meaning and purpose.

One of our biggest lessons in life is self-care inside and out. How can we, as women, do all we do, whilst nurturing and empowering ourselves each and every day? Sharing this learning is one of the main motivators for creating Women Tree.

One of the answers to this call is to create a supportive community – where women can be completely themselves – accepted as they are – and form something that nurtures and builds an extraordinary foundation in the world.

Overall approach

We create a space and a conversation to nourish, fulfill, belong and rise.

We believe that each of us has all the answers within and that we simply need a clear space to find them, outside of everyday life, in stillness and with support.


What is it to truly nourish ourselves?

We take a practical approach to calming the nervous system and creating new ways to build self-care into everyday life, so that we can embrace ourselves at any age and each step of ageing with grace and kindness.  Ultimately, nourishing is about deeply cherishing yourself with every new day.

This is a journey that may take a lifetime – but Women Tree provide the opportunity to begin now.


What does fulfillment really mean?

Being fulfilled is ‘a feeling of happiness, purpose and satisfaction.’  

We support women to be fulfilled at work, at home and in life.  The journey begins with self-awareness.  Self-awareness enables choice and choice gives us freedom – because if we are unconscious of our reactions, thoughts and beliefs, then we are at the effect of other people and of ourselves.  

We have the opportunity to be able to vision and follow our dreams but that purpose-led journey requires self-belief, which is possible to learn and embrace.  

We uncover the perfection of your Self, how to manage yourself when you go off centre and navigate through the tough times.  We talk about trusting yourself, trusting the unfolding of life and having fun on the journey.


What does it mean to belong?

A sense of belonging is vital to feeling nourished and fulfilled. Without it, we are simply operating alone, not fully engaged in life.

Belonging is a basic human need and the third level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – preceded only by survival and safety. Friendship, intimacy, family and love are all parts of belonging.  We are social beings and crave connection with others.

We will explore the sense of belonging within ourselves and how that impacts who we are and how we co-exist with others. Together we will build community.


When we women are nourished, fulfilled and have a deep sense of belonging – then we can rise… to create whatever we imagine and infuse it with energy and love.

Together we are women rising.

Our Cornerstones

Without these, our foundations have no meaning. These cornerstones underpin all our themes and messages.  We feel a personal responsibility to fulfill these tenets in our daily lives.  Our work is simply an extension of that.


 These inform our modus operandi in the following ways:

  • how we treat ourselves and others
  • our communication with everyone 
  • what we share with our clients


Without love and kindness, all learning and growing lacks meaning.  These values are fundamental to growth and also to how we run the business – from the small interactions to the big ones. 


  • to heal and forgive the past
  • to embrace and learn to be fully in the present
  • to create a future that you love


If it’s not fun, it’s probably not worth doing.